The Ordesa's South-Easetren canyons

Anisclo, Yaga, and Cinca (Pineta valley)

Anisclo canyon

Travel with Children:

Only the parking's area close routes (whon are short routes) are Suitable for children !

Canyon Anisclo is an impressive natural phenomenon of the Sureness's. Canyon Anisclo extends for approximately 20 km, in the section who is located in south slope of Mount Perdido. Canyon Anisclo is narrower than a the Ordesa canyon, however, the pine trees that clinging to the limestone, the unique waterfalls, and the water ponds, make it so wonderful .

HU-631 road, paralleling to the river BELLOS, leads into the spectacular canyon . Rivers BELLOS starting point is at the high summits of Mount Perdido and it flows from the mountain summit straight to the south. The Aso River, flows from west to east, and join BELLOS river at about mid way of HU-631 road, ( there is a sharp road’s curves ) at this point, a small parking located, named “Aparcamiento de San Urbez” .

HU-631 road is linking the easten Escalona town with Broto at the west side ( next Torla Ordesa). You can get to Canyon Anisclo either, from Escalona side, or Broto side, however some parts of the road are 'one way', and often being closed. Information re the road status can be found at the local tourist information site, and we recommended to contacat them by email. Before traveling, please also check the status of “Carretera de Buerba” road that ends at Escalona, too .

The most spectacular route in Canyon Anisclo length for about seven hours, and the Anisclo's guided tours are part of the park’s activities at TORLA gate.
Pls. consult with the reserve's office .

Canyon de Anisclo, is the second largest canyon, after Río Arazas Canyon, but it is the deepest one, and match narrower than Canyon Arazas Canyon. It looks like a large crack on the southern slope of Monte Perdido. It is a most impressive Canyon, it cuts the ground level with huge cliffs and high mountains (Sestrales and Perdido). Unlike Canyon Arazas, Canyon Anisclo was created only by erosion of water flowing down fast from Monte Perdido. Many people believe that it is more impressive than the Ordesa-Lourdes canyon.

At the parking area, there are several routes you can take . North direction leads to canyon Anisclo, along river BELLOS. As the trail is located at eastern side of river Bellos, you should cross it via the bridge located down and east to the parking. Pls. refer to the singes detailing the trails' directions.

the north west direction, along Aso river leads to the west, the trail starting abot 1.5 km after the parking area, there is a small sign indicating the very tiny trail’s starting point. Do not miss it. To exit the canyon, please take VIO–Buerba way to Escalona. Do not miss the wonderful viewpoint at the small chapel of the Iglesia de San Vicente.

canyon anilisco HU-631 road

Pineta Valley - River Cinca canyon

Travel with Children:

Child’s friendly activity when the tour made by car !

Pineta Valley is one of the most majestic valleys of the Pyrenees, and is part of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. The get to the valley we have to reach first to town of Bielsa, and, take road HU V 6402 ,north west direction for about 20km. Valley’s width usually does not exceed 500m and is surrounded by mountains that rise to heights that excess 2000 m. The feeling when you standing in the valley, is like it is narrow and has an impressive cliffs cut. At the west end of the valley, closest to the reserve, between the mountains ,near the parking lot,there is a small deepen gorge, and a spectacular waterfall coming out of the mountains' height, among them the iconic Mount Perdido,who is 3355 m height .

Other mountains' peaks are : Marboré mountain, and Mount Touquet . The French border located in front of us, at the mountains' top.

Near to village of Bielsa, the Cinca river actually became as large as a size of a small Lake, next to village of Javierre, there is a Romanesque church from the twelfth century. Village Espierba, located at mid-way to the reserve gate, high on the mountains. Several villages, much smaller, named : Chisagüés, Espierba, Parzán, and Zapatierno, are also laying at the mountains heights, and next to the park's entry located Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Pineta, who is a kind of Temple of Virgen de Pineta . Pilgrims whom coming to the temple believed that the virgin has visited here long time ago .

Typical buildings named "Bordas", can be found in the village's pasture, they used to store hay, grass and fruit dishes for snowy days. These buildings usually have two levels, in the lower floor the animals were kept, and food storage was located on the upper level.

Pineta valley has a classic U shape, a wonderful example to a valley shape by glacial overflow. As was mentioned, this is the nearest access point to the summit of Mount Perdido. The trails to the summit climbing up for more than 1900m height, and they are pro. issue only . We recommended to visit the pineta route mostly by car, visit the villages, walk to the waterfalls near the mountains’ foot, feel the wildness of the mountains, and the wonderful breathtaking natural views.

you can also Drive to the north on Highway A 128 ( D 173), leading to the French’s side of the reserved, Aragnouet direction.

Yaga River canyon - next to Escuaín

This route is for Skilled and experienced hikers only.

Yaga River Gorge start at the southern area of Monte Perdido, and continue to south-east direction . Near the town of Escuaín, the river is actually outed the reserve territory, and at” hospital de Tella “ the Cinca river, who is coming from Pineta Valley, join It.

Road’s A-138 South direction, connecting Bielsa and Escalona, and road HF-0104-AA from Escalona leads also to Escuain . At hospital de Tella, an unnamed road leads to Revilla ( next to Estación Biológica Monte Perdido) . Here, at Revilla / Escuain, starts the inteseting part of Yaga canyon. In order to hike from here to the northern side of Yaga river, you should get to Revilla .
To hiking to the southern side, get to Escuain.

Escuain - Yaga canyon, spectacular route starts at the very beginning of Escuain village, (The taril marked as GR-15 ) . The Trail goes through number of waterfalls and pools up to the Yaga river starting point !. The Revilla-Yaga canyon, path named "CAMINO BOCERA PARAISO", and the path from Escuain named “CAMINO FAJA CAZCARRA”.

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